The Benefits of Modernizing a Legacy Alarm System

A Guide for Security Alarm Dealers and Integrators

Benefits of Modernizing Your Alarm Systems

In a world where technology is evolving rapidly, businesses and homeowners alike face the challenge of keeping their security systems up to date. Legacy alarm systems, while reliable in their time, often fall short of meeting modern security needs. Modernizing a legacy alarm system not only enhances security but also brings a host of other benefits. Let’s explore why upgrading your customers’ legacy alarm systems to keep up with new security needs and features is essential.

Better Cost and Time Savings

  1. Lower Cost: Replacing old security systems can cost your users thousands of dollars. Make it easier for them to say yes to upgrading their systems with a cost-effective security solution; by using a modernized alarm communicator, you can keep your clients’ old panels and systems in place, while still enjoying the benefits of modernized systems and cloud platform support. This can reduce the cost of upgrading a legacy security system from thousands of dollars, to just a few hundred.
  2. Save Time: Removing and replacing an old security system can be time consuming and tedious. With a modern alarm communicator, you can upgrade your customers’ systems in just a few minutes, saving you countless hours at a job site.

Enhanced Security Features

  1. Smart Integration: Today’s alarm systems and communicators integrate seamlessly with a cloud platform or app, like Epic’s Aryo App (find us on Google Play or the App Store). This means you can access and control your security system from wherever you or your customers might be, from the convenience of your cell phone.
  2. Real-Time Alerts: Modern systems provide instant alerts to your smartphone cloud app or platform. This immediate notification allows for quicker response times, whether it’s contacting authorities or taking personal action. With Aryo, your customers can even cancel false alarms on their phone immediately before authorities are called, giving them and their central station peace of mind in case of an emergency (or false alarm).

Improved Maintenance and Scalability

  1. Remote Diagnostics and Updates: Modern security platforms like Aryo allow security dealers and integrators to get diagnostics, troubleshooting, and status reports remotely. This reduces the need for on-site visits and ensures that your customers’ system is always running smoothly.
  2. Scalability: Modern cloud platforms offer the flexibility to scale and grow with you as your security needs change. No matter the age or brand of your security setup, enjoy the convenience and ease of managing all of your security devices under the same platform. If you’re looking for a scalable cloud platform that can support millions of devices as needed, then our Aryo cloud might be the right choice for you.

Extend panel lifespan

  1. Reducing waste: Upgrading your clients’ security systems doesn’t have to mean completely scrapping their security system. By keeping the existing systems in place with some modernized improvements, your customers’ functioning legacy panels can keep doing what they do best for many years to come.  


Modernizing legacy and older alarm systems is more than just a security upgrade; it’s an investment in peace of mind, efficiency, and future-proofing your security system offering. With cost and time savings, enhanced features, easier maintenance, scalability, and panel lifespan extension, the benefits of upgrading are clear. Make it easier for your customers to say yes to upgrading their systems today.

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