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Comprehensive Products and Cloud Solutions.

Epic Safety offers cutting-edge devices seamlessly integrated with our cloud platform. The Aryo Cloud App provides a comprehensive safety solution, reflecting our commitment to innovation and reliability for your peace of mind.

Nova and Nero Interactive Takeover Alarm System
Interactive Takeover Alarm Systems
Alarm Communicators
Interactive Alarm Communicators

Mobile Keypad Interaction​

Full interaction through a mobile keypad, enhancing user accessibility and control.

Take Over all Panels​

Seamlessly take over any alarm panels, regardless of lock status.

Landline System Upgrade​​

Replace traditional landline setups with modern solutions for enhanced communication and efficiency.

Nova Interactive Takeover Alarm System
nova™ (LTE)
Nero Interactive Takeover Alarm System
nero™ (IP)
Surf-k/km Alarm Communicator
Surf Alarm Communicator
Aero-K Alarm Communicator

Aryo Cloud Platform

Deliver Exceptional User Experience

Empowering Dealers for User & Device Management

Aryo Cloud empowers dealers for user and device management and remote panel programming. Dealers can easily add devices, customize settings, and utilize the mobile keypad for panel programming. The platform supports multiple users and offers flexibility with partition monitoring. Automation features, remote diagnostics, customizable CMS event forwarding, and device status checks enhance the dealer experience.

Imagine having all the functionalities you have on your alarm keypad and more, but now on your phone. That's what Aryo gives you!

Full Remote Control

Secure, reliable
Provide comprehensive device and user management, along with report generation and insights.
Anywhere access
Effortlessly manage your alarm systems from anywhere with the convenience and accessibility of your smartphone.

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EPIC Safety is heavily competing with other leading cellular/IP communicators and we are very excited to be authorized distributors of EPIC’s products through NBG Telecom. There’s an amazing team behind the product coupled with a passion & vision to change the entire industry, a common goal with NBG & LANVAC. EPIC offers more features & services than any other communicator, we are very proud to be their partner.

Stephanos Georgoudes
Surveillance Lanvac Monitoring

I was very happy with my first experience using the Epic communicators. I installed one each of the Aero-K, Surf, and Surf-KM. All three worked well with no problems. The Surf-KM is in an area with very poor cell service and it's still connected and reporting fine. The Aryo website is easy to use to add clients, activate the devices, and see information on their status. The staff have all been friendly and helpful with any questions. I look forward to using more of these units.

Bruce Blue
Gryphon Systems

So far I have been very impressed with the Alarm Communicators which are being provided by Epic Safety. I have only used two models so far, the Surf-KM and the Aero-K, and all of the features are functional. Tech support calls for clarification are a big bonus of this company, as my questions were answered by people quickly,.. I really like that I can reach a real person. I have only used Keybus Connections and it is excellent, providing remote operations to the client and to myself. I have remote programming through the mobile keypad on my PC and other web interfaces. I look forward to the future using this wonderful product.

Andrew A. Hopper

I had an exceptional experience with Epic Safety. Their customer service is top-notch, always responsive and helpful. The innovation and technology they incorporate into their solutions are impressive, ensuring cutting-edge safety measures. The user-friendly interface further enhances the overall experience. Highly recommend for anyone prioritizing safety in their endeavors.

Marjorie Chanpong

EPIC Safety is a great local company! Any concerns or questions that we have, are always rectified immediately and they always go above and beyond. Recently dealt with Mark R., who was patient and relentless in solving our tech support issue. Highly would recommend EPIC Safety products, Keep up the great service support and user-friendly Mobile APP with a unique Virtual keypad interface.

Brian Wong
Altech Monitoring Station