Products Frequently asked questions.

How can I place an order as a dealer?
Dealers can place orders through supported distributors and monitoring stations.
I want to use both LTE and Ethernet/WiFi connectivity to secure the user system, is it possible?
Yes. Dual path connectivity is feasible by using concurrently our IP and LTE products for the same alarm panel. For example, dealers can connect Aero-K for keybus and Surf for dial capture communications.
How can I access the installation manuals?
After becoming a dealer, you can access the manuals and other resources by logging into the Dealer Portal.
Can your communicators function with an existing digital account with a phone line?
Yes. Our products with keybus feature (Surf-K, Surf-KM, & Aero-K) can be used concurrently with the existing panel dialer that uses phone line.
What communication formats do your products support for dial capture monitoring?
All of our communicators support Contact ID (CID) and SIA formats when dial capture is used.
Do you support video monitoring integration?
Video monitoring integration is not currently available, but it is planned for future development. Stay updated on our social media for future product announcements.
How to use the Automation feature?
Except for Surf, all other models can provide up to 2 PGM connections available for automation purposes such as opening or closing garage doors and triggering sirens.
What varieties of communicators do you offer?
We have 4 communicators that use LTE and Ethernet/WiFi connectivity, providing keybus, DTMF, and legacy monitoring options. For more information, please log into our Dealer Portal.
How can I access the list of supported panels?
A comprehensive list of compatible panels is available on our Dealer Portal.
Am I able to take over existing alarm panels without knowing the installer code?
Yes, our products can take over both locked and unlocked systems without knowing the installer code. For more details, please refer to our installation manuals for each product.
What types of panels are supported for keybus monitoring?
We currently support DSC PowerSeries and Honeywell Vista Series keybus monitoring, as well as providing mobile keypad for remote control of these systems.
Can your products be used with legacy alarm panels?
Except for Surf, all other models can be used for legacy monitoring and control, by providing keyswitch arming and 3 zones for burglary, fire, and panic alarms.
Can your system integrate with third-party home automation services?
Integration with third-party home automation services is under development. Follow us on social media for the latest updates and product news.
Do you provide technical support?
Yes. For technical support, dealers can open a support ticket on our website or send an email to [email protected].

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