Introducing the Nova and Nero Interactive Takeover Alarm Systems: innovative and Game-changing

Integrated, interactive LTE/IP Alarm Systems

We are excited to unveil Nova and Nero, our latest breakthroughs in security technology. These compact systems integrate cutting-edge hardware with our advanced cloud platform, setting new standards for technology in the security industry.

Nova, the world’s smallest LTE interactive takeover alarm system, and Nero, its IP counterpart, both connect seamlessly to our secure IoT cloud platform. This integration enables real-time transmission of alarms, system status, and event data directly to Central Monitoring Stations. With cloud and mobile keypad functionalities, dealers have robust tools at their fingertips for remote management via web, iOS, and Android apps.

These systems feature a streamlined installation process that saves valuable time and resources. They also offer remote programming and the elimination of physical keypads for increased flexibility and efficiency. Our comprehensive dashboard centralizes system and user management, while advanced diagnostics provide optimized performance insights and reduced service calls.

Designed to modernize existing setups, replace outdated 3G networks, and move beyond traditional landline systems, Nova and Nero are ideal for upgrading old systems and implementing new installations. Built for modern security needs, our solutions offer complete peace of mind for dealers and users.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit our website or contact our sales team directly.