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Encouraging Medication Adherence Among Seniors

We all know how important it is to follow doctor’s orders. Yet medication nonadherence is a huge problem among older adults. What is Medication Adherence? Medication adherence refers to patients taking their medication as prescribed to them. That means at the right time, in the right doses, without skipping or sharing with others. Medication nonadherence…

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Diversify: How Alarm Dealers Can Cash in On Medical Alerts

Looking for a way to breathe new life into your alarm business? Has your success in the industry made you hungry for new opportunities to grow your company? Many alarm dealers have successfully added medical alerts to their offerings. Some of the biggest names in PERS were strictly alarm companies before choosing to diversify. Perhaps…

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Join A Growing Industry; Now is the Time to Enter the PERS Business

There’s No Better Time to Get into the PERS Business

Opportunity awaits. It’s no secret that our population is ageing, and fast. As a result, the market for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) only grows. 117 million Americans will need care by 2020. However, the median net worth of those over 75 is not enough to afford assisted living. This, in addition to rising life…

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Tech Trends: The Future of PERS 2.0

Tech Trends in the PERS Industry

PERS 2.0 is the new era of Personal Emergency Response Systems. Some trends we’ve seen with PERS 2.0 include: Fall sensors with automatic fall detection (like Oval) Caregivers and facilities using BLE, Wi-Fi, radio frequency or GPS to find wandering patients Devices that can send status updates to loved ones Devices that remind user or alert a…

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