The world of medical alerts can be confusing if you’re brand new to it. All you want is to keep your mom or dad safe, check in on your friend, or provide care to a client. Yet there are so many complicated systems and terms that it can be hard to find the products that fit your needs. Luckily, Epic Safety makes this process simple and easy. Below, we answer some common questions caregivers may have.


1. How can my loved one call for help?

The Apex base unit is the core of our medical alert system. It’s capable of two-way voice communication so users can speak directly with the monitoring station, after pressing the help button. With the Help Arrived feature, Apex sends a second signal if help has not arrived within a set time. Users can connect the unit to additional devices like the Pico help button, Nano pendant, and Oval fall sensor, all of which feature a help button. Pico is wall-mountable so users can call for help even if they’re away from the base unit. Nano and Oval can be worn around the home and are fully waterproof.


2. How can PERS help with falls?

Not only does the Oval fall sensor feature a large help button, but it automatically detects falls. If the user falls and is unable to call for help, Oval can alert the monitoring station. Powered by accurate technology, Oval is designed to put caregivers and users at ease.


3. Why should I get a medical alert system instead of a cellphone?

While phones are OK for calling for help, they are not capable of automatic fall detection. If the user is unconscious after falling, disoriented, or otherwise unable to reach the phone, the phone cannot place a call for them. Furthermore, some seniors find smartphones difficult to use. Epic Safety’s products have an easy-to-use design with large, well-labeled buttons. Lastly, no cell reception means no help with a cell phone. Apex works through your landline and eliminates this problem.


4. How can medical alerts help me save money?

Most seniors today prefer to age at home, surrounded by family. Assisted living facilities in Canada can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000 per month. However, monthly monitoring fees for PERS typically cost $25-40. PERS are therefore a much more affordable care option for some families.


5. How can Epic Safety help me balance my time?

Since our medical alerts provide easy access to help and accurate fall detection, users can stay at home comfortably. As a result, our reliable technology means fewer visits from a caregiver and more peace of mind for everyone.

Accessing help shouldn’t be a challenge. That’s why Epic Safety strives to make this process easy for all involved. Contact us if you have any further questions and visit your local Tri-Ed Dealer to purchase your Epic products today.

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