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It’s no secret that our population is ageing, and fast. As a result, the market for Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) only grows. 117 million Americans will need care by 2020. However, the median net worth of those over 75 is not enough to afford assisted living. This, in addition to rising life expectancy is causing many to choose living at home for longer. PERS offer a way to live independently while still having access to care. Here’s why you should you be a part of this thriving industry:


It’s growing – quickly.

Caregivers of older adults will represent a $72 billion market opportunity by 2020. Predictions place the global PERS market’s value at $9.27 billion in 2022. That leaves a lot of room for newcomers to enter the market and earn their piece of the pie! Experts project that the industry will grow 6% annually between 2015 and 2020, which only means increasing profit for PERS dealers. The “sandwich generation” refers to those who have children at home but also elderly parents to take care of. This includes many Canadians and it can be draining emotionally and financially. Caregivers are looking for a way to allow their parents to age in place. More and more seniors and caregivers are turning to PERS as a solution. You likely know someone who uses a PERS!


It’s innovative.

Epic products are modern and attractive. Today’s seniors are often very active and want devices that don’t restrict their movement or make them feel old. The Nano pendant is an elegantly-designed choice. Emerging technology has taken the world of PERS to another level, one referred to as PERS 2.0. This era ushers in a world where caregivers can use BLE, Wi-Fi, radio frequency or GPS to find wandering elders. Devices are now capable of automatic or predictive fall detection. PERS 2.0 is about connecting users with their loved ones, caregivers and medical professionals. Growing interest in the Internet of Things presents a huge opportunity for PERS dealers to create connected homes. With so many exciting technologies arriving on scene, you’ll have much to discuss with your future clients.

Please fill out your information here if you’re interested in becoming a PERS dealer. One of our team members will contact you with more information about the Epic Dealer Program. Don’t miss this opportunity to diversify your business and make a meaningful impact on the lives of seniors.

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